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One of the biggest trends in jewelry right now is the layered look; stacked bracelets, stacked rings, and of course, wearing multiple necklaces at once. You can use today’s tips to help you decide how to get the fun layered look with multiple necklace designs this summer.

I wanted to try and grab some necklace designs I already had and see which ones may look good layered. I didn’t want the look to be too heavy so I picked more delicate pieces that make a statement when layered with others. In my opinion, mixing solid metallics with other colorful designs is a good place to start. The solid gold necklace from the Delicate set was a great shorter length to start with, and since it had no other colors to compete with, it would be easier to find designs to compliment it. After I had that one picked out I knew I wanted another gold necklace, this time with pops of color. The Just Enough design was perfect! It sits right below the first necklace on the neckline (when it’s at its shortest length on the adjustable closure). These two created a fun boho chic look, but I still wanted a little more length. I thought it would be fun to add another solid gold design and the Golden Arrow necklace ended up being a perfect fit!

delicate necklaceDelicate NecklaceJust enough 2Just Enough Necklacegolden arrow 2Golden Arrow Necklace

Once I played with the lengths I was able to get the look I wanted. I love each of these designs alone, and even more so when they are layered together! If your necklaces don’t have an adjustable closure, and you are having trouble getting the different lengths to lay properly, you can always use a tiny safety pin or paper clip to temporarily keep your necklace the length you need it. If your clasp fits through the chain links in your necklace design you can also simply connect the clasp to the chain.


Do you like to layer your necklace designs? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday – Allie


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