Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

7.16-TIPS-AND-TRICKS-BANNER-IMAGEWhen learning metal stamping it can take many, many tries to figure out how hard to hit a stamp and how to angle the hammer to get the best impressions. There are many things that go into getting those letter stamps perfectly aligned, or getting a certain design to be in just the right spot. You can use today’s tips to help you master the art of metal stamping.

Before you jump right in, it’s always a good idea to practice stamping on less expensive, copper, nickel, or brass sheet metal until you’re comfortable enough to move to something more expensive, like sterling silver.

A problem a lot of people have when first starting out is getting their stamp to make a deep, even impression. To make sure your lettering and designs will be as straight as possible, use Stamp Straight Tape™ by ImpressArt. While also holding your stamping blank in place, the straight line of the tape acts as the perfect marker for you to add your letters in a straight line and your designs right where they need to be.

Step-6If you don’t have a very steady hand and are struggling with keeping the letter stamps in place, you can use the Simple Strike Jig. This tool will help you make sure the stamp is flush with the surface you are stamping it on and will protect your fingers when striking the stamp with the hammer.


Simple Strike Jig by ImpressArt


Once you have your designs, letters or words in place, use Stamp Enamel to make the stamped area pop! I love seeing how bold and clear the designs and/or letters are after this step. Step-8

Step-9Do you have any other helpful metal stamping tips or tricks that you use? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday – Allie





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