Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


We all know that clasps love to rotate to the front when we’re wearing necklaces, so here’s a design tip to stop your necklace from rotating! Adding an extender chain with a bead or charm at the end will balance the weight of your necklace and help anchor your clasp in place. Any bead or charm will work just fine; simply add it to a premade extender chain or length of chain with an open jump ring or wire wrapped loop, and there you go! You can also choose to get fancy and decorate your extender chain, like I did in the necklace below. Using our Beading Around a Bead Technique, I used a Swarovski Crystal Mystic Black Pearl bead and seed beads left over from making the pendant to add a little extra color to my piece. This one bead has been the perfect counterweight to my pendant and keeps the clasp in place whenever I wear it!

Extender chain bead weight

Happy Tuesday! -Gabby

2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • Bren

    Gabby, what a wonderful idea. I have a necklace that I created where an abstract flower rests on the left side of the necklace. It is a very ‘light’ and airy as the whole creation was made out of paper.

    I will need to experiment with your idea.

  • FusionBeads.com

    What a wonderful idea! Sounds lovely. Hope this little trick helps keep your necklace in place. Let us know how it goes! Happy Beading! Rebecca

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