Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Just like with everything else in life, making mistakes while beading is inevitable for us all. Not all mistakes mean the end of your project, though; you can always set aside your “ruined” projects for another day when they may be perfect for a new design idea!

Take this bracelet, for instance. I punched 2mm holes in the leather strap and used compression rivets to add the e-hook clasp and create the corresponding loop just fine, but then had to set aside the bracelet for awhile. I came back to it a few days later intending to set eyelets across the leather, but I had lost my focus on the design of the piece and ended up punching 3mm holes that were too large to use for setting eyelets. I had no idea what to do then, so I set the bracelet aside and decided to figure out an alternate use for it later.

Mistake bracelet

Seven or eight months later, I happened to glance at the bracelet off to the side on my work table and had an idea: I could cover the holes by sewing or gluing something over them! After going through my stash and our website, I finally decided to sew 6mm Swarovski Crystal Rose Montees onto the leather over the holes and sat down to work. Lo and behold, it worked! The rose montees covered the holes perfectly, and you can’t even tell that this bracelet was something I was yelling at months ago!

Fixed bracelet

Beading inspiration can come in the strangest places and from the strangest things, so don’t get discouraged when you make mistakes – remake your mistakes instead!

Happy Tuesday! -Gabby

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  • Great job, This is the awesome trick to make beads wrist band. I have get useful knowledge about making these kind of item, thanks for sharing this useful information with us.

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