Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


You may not have known it, but round base metal crimp beads have a wonderful alternative use that any beader can use – they make awesome spacer beads, especially for large hole bead designs! The 2mm round crimp bead has an ample 1.5mm hole size, while the 3mm round crimp bead boasts a 2mm hole size. This gives the crimps a versatility in your designs that you will love; they can be strung onto leather, waxed cotton, hemp, satin, silk ribbon or string, knotting cord, and more! Our round base metal crimp beads don’t have a seam, but if you are trying this tip with crimps that you’ve obtained elsewhere, make sure that they don’t have a seam that will catch on your stringing material or let a thinner stringing material slip through.

Crimp beads as spacers

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby

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