Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


There are all sorts of fun and innovative ways that you can use findings in your jewelry, but some of the most creative designs happen when you think outside the box. Take bead caps, for example. Open loops on the edges of bead caps don’t have to just be decorative; they can be utilized to turn a regular bead cap into a whole new finding! Check out a few of these unexpected uses for bead caps below!

You can use bead caps as chandelier components and dangle accent beads from the open loops for a pop of color! A length of ornate chain attached to an eye pin is threaded through the bead cap to connect with the ear wire, and there you go – you’ve got a playful earring design full of movement!

Bead caps as horizontal chandelier component

You can also utilize bead caps as a flat chandelier component! This works best with bead caps that are made out of pliable material or have a filigree design. Slowly straighten the sections of the bead cap until it lies flat; then, attach an ear wire and an accent bead for a simple yet striking design!

Bead caps as chandelier components

Flattened bead caps can also be used as links and connected to beads and other components with jump rings or wire loops! This delicate bracelet works up quickly and features colorful fire polished beads and flattened bead cap links connected with simple loops!

Bead caps as links

These are just a few ways that you can get creative with bead caps. Do you have a favorite way to use bead caps or other findings in fun and unexpected ways in your jewelry?

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby


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