Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


This week’s post is for all you chain maillers and beaders who work with a lot of jump rings!

If you drop a jump ring on a bare work surface, it can bounce with great distance off the table and go flying off to heaven knows where. As anyone who’s ever dropped one (or ten) knows, jump rings can be very hard to find on carpet.

To minimize your losses, always work on a padded surface, like a bead mat or bead board. A padded surface will absorb momentum from a dropped jump ring and can stop it from bouncing off the table or from going very far if it does manage to hit the floor.

Chain maille jump rings

Since there is always the risk of losing or culling a few rings along the way, consider buying extra jump rings when you are getting supplies for a project. Even if you don’t end up needing to use the extras, you can easily use them in other projects since jump rings are such an essential beading staple. Make sure to get all your jump rings for a project from a single source so your materials all have a consistent hardness, color, and size.

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby


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