Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There are many ways to finish kumihimo designs, but one of the most popular ways is with cord ends. Cord ends give your jewelry a polished, professional appearance and can be used with almost any clasp of your choice. Our Kumihimo – Clasp Option 1 Technique shows you how to finish round braids with wire and cord ends that have a small hole at the top, but what about cord ends with a ring at the top? Here’s a quick and easy way to use these versatile finishings in your kumihimo braid designs!

First, trim down the ends of your braid so that they will fit cleanly into the cord end. Then, mix a batch of 5 Minute Epoxy. Add some mixed epoxy into a cord end and firmly insert one end of the braid. You may need to hold the cord end in place for a minute to hold the braid steady as the epoxy begins to set. Repeat on the other end of the braid with the second cord end.

Kumihimo with cord ends

The epoxy will take approximately one hour to fully cure. Once it is cured, you can attach your clasp with jump rings through the rings at the top of the cord ends.

Kumihimo cord ends

And there you go! For kumihimo jewelry ideas, check out our Kumihimo Inspiration Gallery!

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby

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