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It can be difficult to determine how much stringing material you’ll need for a project, especially for bead weaving, bead crochet, and kumihimo braiding techniques. Thankfully, new tools and supplies are being introduced all the time to help beaders save time and materials, and none more so than the Wire Knitter/Kumihimo Weight!

The primary job of a Kumihimo Weight is to keep an even tension on a working kumihimo braid and help it hang straight. This simple purpose, while incredibly helpful, hides an even more amazing fact: because your tension is tighter when you braid with a weight than without it, you use less cord when you use a weight.

To find out how much cord to use for a kumihimo project, you would typically multiply the desired finished length 3-4 times. Using this formula for the 24 inch necklace that I made below, I cut eight 72 inch pieces of cord and then proceeded to make my braid according to our Kumihimo – Simple 8-Warp Braid with Beads Technique, except with a Small Wire Knitter/Kumihimo Weight attached to the working braid.

4.26 - 1

Look what was left over when I finished the piece! That is eight 33 inch pieces of cord coiled up and sitting with my finished necklace – 22 feet of excess cord that didn’t need to be cut simply because the Kumihimo Weight kept the tension so tight and even. The leftover cord pieces aren’t useless and are long enough to be used in other projects, but who wouldn’t want to have all that cord still on the spool in one piece instead? Try using a Wire Knitter/Kumihimo Weight with your next kumihimo project and see just how much stringing material you can save when you use it!

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby

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