Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Here’s an easy way to add a bright pop of color to your designs in an unexpected way: dress up your clasp with wire coiling!

First, choose your clasp. S-clasps, hook and eye clasps, and toggle clasps are all excellent options to use. You can also create your own clasp with our Handmade Finding Techniques for a truly unique piece. Next, choose your wire. Artistic Wire and Parawire have a rainbow of rich hues to select from that will befit any design. 26 gauge dead soft wire is an ideal size to use for this technique, as you don’t want your wire to be too stiff to easily coil with or so thick that the coils block you from clasping your jewelry correctly. For my clasp, I chose to make my own sterling silver closure with our Making a Clasp – S Hook Technique and decorate it with 26 gauge Red Artistic Wire.

Tips and Tricks

This technique is very similar to our Covering a Component Techniques, only with no beads! To begin, cut a piece of wire no longer than 12 inches in length. It is very easy to add more wire later if needed, so you will want to work with a smaller piece to make the coiling more manageable. Carefully anchor your wire to the clasp with a few wraps, going as slowly as needed to avoid wire kinks. Make sure that your tension is even and the coils are neatly aligned side by side with no gaps. You can use your fingers to gently push the coils closer together if there are gaps. Once you have the hang of making the coils, keep going until you have coiled over all of the area you wish to decorate. Then, use flush cutters to trim the wire ends closely to the back of the clasp. You may also want to use chain nose pliers to manipulate the wire end to make sure that it doesn’t scratch your skin. If you run out of wire, simply trim your existing piece of wire as described above, cut another wire piece, and begin again by anchoring your wire as you did at the start. You can come back later and trim the end of your new wire piece once you’re finished.

And there you go! Go crazy with color and give your clasp equal attention in your designs!

Happy Tuesday! –Gabby


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