Swarovski Spring/Summer 2017 Innovations Sneak Peek!

It’s finally time for us to reveal the new colors and shapes from the upcoming Swarovski Innovations Spring/Summer 2017! Feast your eyes on these incredible new crystal creations coming your way soon!

Yellow Opal Bicone
Yellow Opal – New Color
Inspired by the radiant citrine gemstone, Yellow Opal is a bold, playful new hue with a dazzling opalescent finish. This stunning color is the perfect accent tone for bright summer accessories and rich statement jewelry.

Graphite Bicone
Graphite – New Color
Bridging the gap between Crystal Silver Night and Jet, the mysterious new Graphite hue features a shadowy bluish gray-black tone. A strong all-purpose color, this unisex shade works well in edgy looks and red carpet evening wear alike.

Pearlescant White Pearl
Pearlescent White – New Pearl
A modern update on a true classic, the elegant new Pearlescent White shade shimmers with an iridescent, frosted mother-of-pearl look. Ideal as both an accent or stand-alone color, this soft hue stuns in pure and clean jewelry designs.

Scarab BeadScarab Bead (art. 5728) – New Article
Inspired by the scarab beetle and Ancient Egyptian culture, the eye-catching new Scarab Bead features realistic detailing of the creature’s head and wings. Try using this unique new shape in boho and ethnic-inspired designs.

Raindrop PendantRaindrop Pendant with Cap (art. 6533) – New Article
Beautifully elongated and brilliantly faceted, the sleek new Raindrop pendant is an instant classic in the Swarovski collection. A truly multi-functional piece, this versatile shape fits easily into both understated and opulent designs.

Radiolarian Pendant

Radiolarian Pendant (art. 6730) – New Article
Designed by marine conservationist Céline Cousteau, the new Radiolarian Pendant celebrates the beauty of marine life. Radiolarians are single-cell organisms with an opalescent exoskeleton that look awe-inspiring through a microscope. Ideal for summer jewelry, this pendant boasts a distinctive asymmetrical shape and both shiny and matte facets.

Sea Snail Pendant

Sea Snail Pendant (art. 6731) – New Article
Twirled like a classic snail shell, the new Sea Snail Pendant combines shiny and matte facets in a statement piece that can be easily used in summer or nature-inspired jewelry. Designed by marine conservationist Céline Cousteau, this stunning pendant captures the organic, eye-catching silhouette of ancient ammonites.

Sea Urchin Round Fancy Stone

Sea Urchin Round Fancy Stone (art. 1695) – New Article
Perfect for eco-inspired, back-to-nature jewelry, the new Sea Urchin Round Fancy Stone is designed by marine conservationist Céline Cousteau. This unique stone features an irregular sea urchin-shaped star that is surrounded by matte surfaces, highlighting the stone’s motif beautifully.

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