Quick And Easy Stretch Bracelets

Need to make a present for a friend, and fast? Check out these quick and easy stretch bracelets I made for gifts! These bracelets are super cute, easily customizable, and won’t break the bank!
Quick and Easy bracelets Step 1
All you need is:
1. Stretch Magic
2. Beads (I used 8mm gemstones)
3. A cute charm to personalize the bracelet (I chose the Om Drop Charm by TierraCast® in two finishes: silver and antique brass)
4. Jump rings to attach your charms. I used 4mm Silver-Filled 22 Gauge Open Jump Ring and 4mm Antique Brass Plated Base Metal 22 Gauge Open Jump Ring.
5. Hypo Tube Cement to glue the knots in the Stretch Magic.
6. Bead stoppers to prevent the beads from coming off the Stretch Magic while you string them.
Quick and easy bracelet - quarts
Step 1:
Open the jump rings and string one onto every charm.
Step 2:
Close the jump rings.
Step 3:
Cut your Stretch Magic into 8.5 inch pieces. The number of pieces will depend on how many bracelets you are making.
IMG_3368 edited
Step 4:
Attach a bead stopper to one end of one piece of the Stretch Magic.
Step 5:
String the beads onto the Stretch Magic. (One strand of 8mm gemstones makes one 7.5 inch bracelet.) Make sure to string on the charm, too.
Step 6:
Take off the bead stopper.
Step 7:
Knot the ends of the Stretch Magic.
Step 8:
Add a drop of Hypo Tube Cement to each knot and let dry.
Step 9:
Trim any excess Stretch Magic.
Step 10:
Repeat Step 4 through 9 for the rest of the bracelets.
Quick and easy bracelets - completed
Wasn’t that easy? What beads and charms would you use to make these fun bracelets for you or your friends?

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