Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Having a good fit with a ring is very important, but, like clothing, tight-fitting woven jewelry can stretch over time. You don’t want to lose a ring you’ve spent hours weaving together, especially one with a bead woven bezel! My best tip for making beaded rings is to weave them together with FireLine Braided Bead Thread. FireLine doesn’t stretch, so a ring band made with this thread won’t sag or become misshapen!

You can use FireLine to repair stretched out ring bands as well. Choose a thinner diameter thread and smaller needle than normal, because you’ll be weaving back through beads that are already full of thread.Woven rings can stretchI’m using a Size 13 Tulip Beading Needle and 4lb FireLine to fix this ring.Add new FireLine to the ringAnchor your repair thread into the ring just like you would add a new thread to any bead weaving project. Your goal is to close any open space between the beads.Weave the beads back togetherWeave your new thread in with a solid, tight tension and pull the beads back together. Rings are small and fiddley, so try holding the band on the tip of your finger while you work. Just be careful not to jab yourself!Fixed with FireLine!Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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  • Sarah S.

    Great tip as always, just one minor problem. Your image shows you taking the needle through several beads at once, and you really never want to do this when beadweaving. Also move across the piece one bead at a time. This will prevent any pulling of the beads that will cause the “fabric” you are creating to lay wonky. In my opinion and experience, anyway.

  • FusionBeads.com

    Sara, good advice. Thank you for sharing. Experience always provides us with the best tips!

    Happy Beading,

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