Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Our Be Free Necklace has a unique construction that really makes a statement, but can also be difficult to assemble. So today I’m sharing a trick to help you create your own version of this stunning project!be free imageThe focal of this necklace is created by connecting two pieces of chain with segments of beaded wire. The most common problem when assembling a project like this is making sure you put the right wire in the right link of chain! To get the best results, secure your chains so they don’t move around while you work.

Pin your pieces of chain down to a bead board with T-pins or straight pins. I prefer T-pins because they’re thicker than straight pins and their head is easier to grab and push. Pinning your chains keeps the links oriented the same direction without twisting and makes it easier to see which links you’re working with.

Use T-pins to stabilize your chain

Count your chain links and place the pins in at regular intervals so you don’t have to recount each time you add a wire. Keep the bead board flat while you work – don’t be tempted to lift it and shift your project out of alignment!

You can use this trick on any project that involves lining up chains and adding simple wire loops at specific points, like our Arrow Dynamic and Right on Point Necklaces.

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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