Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Even when you’re using a precision tip applicator, it’s hard to only get E6000 where you want it to go. Use today’s trick to remove any excess E6000 from your next project!

Wait a few minutes until the E6000 becomes tacky. This adhesive is easier to remove once it starts to solidify, as opposed to when it’s still in a liquid state. Waiting will help ensure it doesn’t spread over a larger area of your project or attach itself to you and your tools!E6000 can be messyCarefully trim the excess E6000 away from your project with a craft knife. You can score even a metal bezel with a sharp blade, so use a light touch to make small shallow cuts separating the glue you want to remove from the glue that’s holding your project together.Wait for the E6000 to dry and trim the excessOnce you’ve made your cuts, peel away the excess adhesive. Voila – a clean project!E6000 comes off cleanlyHappy Tuesday! – Gretchen






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