Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

The right bezel and glass dome pairing will have a nearly perfect fit. The dome should fit easily into the bezel with very little or no extra room. But sometimes that fit is too perfect and your dome gets stuck before you’re ready! Luckily my co-worker Rebecca has a great trick for this situation.There’s nothing to […]

Samolaco Necklace By Becky Nunn!

Learn to make this geometric necklace by Becky Nunn of Nunn Designs. Click here to download the PDF instructions.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: PE3639 1 X Brass Circle Open Frame by Nunn Design – Antique Copper – 17.5×12.5mm PE3647 – 1 X Brass Square Open Frame by Nunn Design – Antique Copper – 18×12.5mm […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Even when you’re using a precision tip applicator, it’s hard to only get E6000 where you want it to go. Use today’s trick to remove any excess E6000 from your next project!

Wait a few minutes until the E6000 becomes tacky. This adhesive is easier to remove once it starts to solidify, as opposed to […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Whether a short road trip or cross-country flight, travel means beading on the go! I usually pack my beading projects in the heavy plastic bag my last Fusion order arrived in. But for this year’s upcoming holiday trips I’m making a custom travel kit small and sturdy enough to pop in my purse!

I started […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Today I’m sharing my three best tips for learning a new bead weaving stitch!

Choose the right pattern.

It’s tempting to try an advanced or intermediate pattern right away when learning a new stitch. After all, it was probably a beautiful, complex pattern that made you want to learn something new in the first […]

October’s Color of the Month: Stormy Weather

As we venture into fall, we fittingly showcase Pantone’s Stormy Weather in our Color of the Month challenge! Just as the sky turns grey, the wind picks up, the trees bow to its power, and you too will feel the strength of this dark blue grey. It evokes a feeling of comfort and luxuriousness […]