Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Nothing beats a surgeon’s knot when it comes to securing beading thread to a component! It’s the perfect start to a brick stitch project like our Color Splash Earrings and a good general knot to have in your crafting toolbox. Use these steps next time you’re anchoring a thread!

I’m using a satin cord here to make the steps easier to see. (You’re more likely to use this knot to tie thread to a wire component or a hoop earring.) Take one end of the stringing material around the component and bring it back up the other side. Leave at least a 3 inch tail to make sure you have enough material to work with.Take stringing material around componentStart tying an overhand knot by taking your tail over and under the other side of the cord.Tie an overhand knotTake the tail over and under a second time in the same direction.Wrap for an overhand knot againPull the stringing material tight to close the knot around the component.Completed surgeon's knotBring your tail up to the other side of the cord. Take the tail over and under in the opposite direction of the first 2 steps.Make a third overhand knotPull the stringing material tight again to finish your knot!Completed surgeon's knotHappy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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