Swarovski Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2016/17!

In their Fall/Winter 2016/17 trend report, “Power to Shine”, Swarovski focuses on the concept of resilience, reflecting as it does a desire for resistance against the given and the established. This season, Swarovski salutes the worldwide rise in activism from people of all genders and walks of life across the globe as we look forward to creating a better, safer, and more prosperous future for us all.

Classic Color Story

Classic – Protectors of Equality

Soft and strong colors are combined with an updated blend of red, violet, and peach tones to reflect a contemporary unisex direction. Black and burgundy hues merge with amethyst to add extra depth and strength to this color palette. Delicate yet solid chains are embellished with crystals, emphasizing strength and resilience; shiny and matte materials continue to merge, blurring the borders in a subtle nod to no-gender design and reflecting the approximation of gender opposites. Small crystal sizes alternate with large statement crystals, and edgy crystal shapes play on notions of both elegance and toughness for an updated armor effect in accessories.

Crystal Colors: Amethyst, Burgundy, Crystal AB, Crystal Vitrail Light, Jet, Light Peach

Romantic Color Story

Romantic – Saviors of the Planet

Focusing on Mother Earth, we pay homage to her bounty and beauty with camouflage colors. Rustic, natural tones, brilliant greens, and a hint of rising dawn in blush rose combine to emulate the beauty of the natural. Irregular crystal shapes support the organic look and lend a sense of modern activism to designs, and crystal colors reflect and blend in with the hues of natural materials, such as wood and leather. Crystal detailing takes on a functional aspect, with rivets offering both a decorative as well as a practical element; rounded, organic shapes soften and feminize overtly militant designs.

Crystal Colors: Blush Rose, Crystal Black Patina, Crystal Scarabaeus Green, Crystal Tabac, Olivine, Smoked Topaz

Progressive Color Story

Progressive – Explorers of the Future

As outer space re-enters the collection conscious, bright punches of yellow and blue/greens stand out from a mercurial mix of silver and gray to create a futuristic palette reminiscent of robots and science-fiction elements. Crystal is used as a border decoration to add clear-cut transparency and light effects to designs, imparting a modern tech edge; edgy, angular constructions reference speed, motion, and activity. There is a revival of the traditional baguette and emerald cut in crystal, as classic jewelry icons gain a modern look and become integrated into high-tech gadgetry, and oversized geometric crystals are pieced together into unique, kaleidoscopic clusters.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Light Chrome, Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Crystal Scarabaeus Green, Jet, Pastel Blue Pearl, Pastel Grey Crystal

Glamour Color Story

Glamour – Guardians of the Past

A new approach to red, highlighting its historic and regal appeal with a gradation that takes it down from ultra-bright to a more modern, design-oriented direction, where it is teamed with Crystal Chrome and gold tones enhanced with a touch of blue to create an opulently understated color palette. Large statement pieces become lighter and easier to wear, with earrings a key component in this bold, glamorous look; simple chains and tassels provide new crystal design platforms in lightweight structures. A more-is-more approach with crystal, metallics, and pearls all combine in one area to create an ornate focal point, and crystal is woven into ornate embroidery and worn every day.

Crystal Colors: Crystal, Crystal Light Chrome, Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Dark Indigo, Platinum Pearl, Siam

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  • Beth Bauer

    Love, love, LOVE the new Swarovski trend forecast colors & the theme — resilience is such a powerful thing! Between these new trends & the new Swarovski colors, my fingers are itching to sit down & start beading for Fall!

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