Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210An unexpected tool mark can ruin a project. I’ve shared tricks in the past for taking the edge off your pliers with Tool Magic and painters tape. You can use today’s trick to prevent marks when punching holes in metal!

Metal hole punch pliers and piercing systems can both leave an unwanted impression around the hole in your metal component. You can see the curved marks around the hole in this stamping component.Use a polish pad with your hole punchPrevent marks like these by creating a cushion between the punch and the metal you’re punching. Pro polish pads are perfect for this trick! (And this is just one of the tricks I save worn out polish pads for.)Cushion the hole punch with a polish padPunch a hole in the polish pad first to make a template. Mark where you want the hole in your metal component and line up the hole in the polish pad with your mark. Punch the hole in your component!Perfectly punched holeThe polish pad will help you get a cleanly punched hole, without any extra impressions or scratches.Marks from metal hole punchHappy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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