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tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I always wind up with a few inches of scrap cord every time I make a wrapped cord bracelet. As someone who hates waste, I was super-excited to come up with a project that uses just a few inches of cord! Give this tip a try next time you have leftover cord.Make scrap cord earrings

Trim your scraps so you have 2 pieces of cord that are the same length. Choose beads with holes large enough to fit easily on your cord. I used 1mm waxed cotton cord in my wrap bracelet, so I made sure my beads had at least a 1mm diameter hole.

String your beads on to the cord and bring the cord ends together to make a teardrop shape. You can use a little dab of E6000 to keep the ends together during the next steps.

Create a beaded teardrop

There’s more than one way to attach an ear wire to your teardrops. I used a variation of one of our wire wrapping techniques. Cut about 12 inches of wire for each earring. Start by making a wire wrapped loop at one end of each piece of wire. Line up your first teardrop just below the loop on one piece of wire.

Wire wrap a loopStart wrapping the wire around the top of your teardrop. If you’re having a hard time getting started, hold the wire against the cord with a pair of flat nose pliers as you make the first few wraps.

Make sure your wraps are extra tightMake sure your wraps are tight enough to really grip the cord. You can do a messy, organic wrap or a tidier wrap like I did.

Wrap all the way to the top of the dropOnce you’ve wrapped your wire all the way up to the loop, it’s time to add ear wires and complete your new scrappy earrings!Easy scrap cord earrings

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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