Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Brick stitch techniques are a great way to create unique beaded shapes. I’m making a pair of fringe earrings with a decreasing brick stitch base and noticed that the beads along the edges of my pyramid weren’t very stable. This is a common problem in brick stitch, so try today’s trick next time you have wobbly edges in your work!

Beads along the edge of your brick stitch wobble because they’re not supported on both sides by another bead. Without that support, these edge beads tend to be loose and leaning. Fortunately you can stabilize them with just a few extra stitches. First, find the loose beads by running your fingertip along the edge of your beadwork. My loose beads are all angled away from the rest of the stitching.Brick stitch can have wobbly edgesAfter adding your last bead in a row, pass back down through it and the second to last bead in the row just below.Pass down through the edge of the piecePass up through the last bead in that previous row and then through the last bead you added.Pass up through the edge of the pieceThese extra stitches will pull your end beads into line and give your project a nice, stable edge.Stabilized brick stitchNow that my edges are stabilized, I’m ready to add fringe and finish this pair of earrings!Brick stitch fringe earringsCheck out more amazing brick stitch projects in our Inspiration Gallery!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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