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tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210The way soutache folds and curves is unique and often surprising. Surprises don’t matter much if you’re making an asymmetrical design, but it does create problems if your design is symmetrical. You can use today’s tip to keep you next soutache project on track!

I was inspired by the Lily Pin from Amee K. Sweet-McNamara’s Soutache & Bead Embroidery: Three Basic Shapes Booklet. To make sure my design stayed symmetrical I worked each section of the project separately, creating a small area of beading on the right and then mirroring that same area on the left. Using this method, instead of beading the entire right side of the design and then switching to the left, lets you make small adjustments to maintain the symmetry as you work!

I started this project with a center bead, then curved my cords around to the right to add my first row of beads.

Anchor your center bead & stitch the right side

Once I was back at my center point, I added a new thread to the left of my center bead and started adding the first row of beads to the left side. You can use small travelling stitches to move the thread from one side of the project to the other, but I prefer using two separate threads because it saves me time and doesn’t waste thread on extra stitches.

Add a new thred to stitch the left side

I anchored the right and left stacks of cord together at the bottom center of my project and added a small bead to fill the gap created when I joined my two sides together. Then I switched to my right-hand thread and curved the cords up to add my second row of beads.

Add extra beads to fill any gaps at the center

With the second row finished on the right, I switched to the left side and added that second row of beads. My cord curved in a wavy shape on the right, so I tried to mimic those same curves when adding the row on the left.

Copy any design quirks on the second side

By alternating which side of my project I worked on I was able to make a piece that’s pretty symmetrical!

Make a symmetrical soutache design

Check back next week to see how to finish a soutache project!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen



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  • Great post on soutache! I found it quite tricky to get it neat to begin with but with a little practice you can create some really beautiful designs. This is gorgeous :)

    Emma xo

  • hi !!!thank you very much for your videos mahklaashmi garu..!!! it’s of a great help for the beginners like me….,can u pls post more designs/patterns on kadikamal stitch and lazy daisy stitch, which we can use on salwars.

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