Festival Feather Earrings!

My co-worker Farrah has an amazing brood of chickens, and the other day she delivered some really beautiful feathers to my desk. I was so inspired by them that I decided to make some feather earrings that would be perfect for the music festival I’m going to in August!

I looked all over Pinterest and found some fabulous inspiration for feather earrings:
Pinterest Feather Inspiraiton(There are a lot of options if you don’t want to take the feather route. We carry a great selection of feather charms, or you could bead some using brick stitch!)

I chose to first make two fine silver components using Fusing techniques. Then, I tweaked the Covering a Briolette technique and wrapped the chicken feathers onto the components and added ear wires. What do you think?

Another co-worker, Gretchen, made a similar version with chicken feathers, and a second pair using peacock feathers:
Gretchen Nibbler Earrrings

I’m so excited about my cute feather earrings and so grateful to the little chicken who made them – thanks, Nibbler! (And Farrah!)


Happy Summer!

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  • I love them! Thirty or so years ago I wore a pair of purple feather earrings to my high school graduation! You can count on fashion to come full circle in a few decades. My question is, what music festival are you going to in August? Is it Soulfest? Just curious! Have fun wherever you go!

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