Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

The way soutache folds and curves is unique and often surprising. Surprises don’t matter much if you’re making an asymmetrical design, but it does create problems if your design is symmetrical. You can use today’s tip to keep you next soutache project on track!

I was inspired by the Lily Pin from Amee K. Sweet-McNamara’s […]

Customize your Ear Wires!

Making your own ear wires is a great way to add that handmade feel to your jewelry and save money! Follow our step by step technique for Making an Ear Wire and you can create customized ear wires in no time! It is so easy to customize your ear wires to fit the feel of your jewelry. […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

Crystal pearls and glass pearls are made by applying a lustrous pearlescent coating to a round bead. Because of how this coating is applied, there will always be one hole in your pearl that’s easier to string through than the other. If you’re having trouble stringing your glass or crystal pearls, use today’s trick and flip […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

There are lots of ways to keep your beading thread tangle-free, but eventually every beader encounters a seemingly impossible knot. Keep today’s tip to use a beading awl in mind next time you’re faced with a knotted mess!Most beaders’ first instinct with a knot is to try untangling it with their fingernails. If that fails, […]

Festival Feather Earrings!

My co-worker Farrah has an amazing brood of chickens, and the other day she delivered some really beautiful feathers to my desk. I was so inspired by them that I decided to make some feather earrings that would be perfect for the music festival I’m going to in August!

I looked all over Pinterest and found […]

Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

I was recently gifted with a pair of my grandma’s clip on earrings. Since my ears are pierced, I knew I wouldn’t wear these pieces traditionally. Fortunately I used today’s trick to turn these vintage clip on earrings into a different kind of heirloom!Sweater clips give an instant 1950s glamour to any outfit and […]