Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I can’t leave the beach without a pocket full of rocks! This habit leads to a lot of rock piles on my shelves and window sills, so I decided to start using these little treasures in my jewelry. You can use today’s tips to get the best results when incorporating natural materials into your work!Collect beach rocks for your jewelryAny rocks and shells you collect, whether they’re from a beach, a river, or your own backyard, need to be cleaned before you craft with them. The last thing you want is dirt or sand rubbing off of a finished piece of jewelry! Soak your rocks and shells in warm water and mild detergent overnight to loosen any debris. Drain the water the next day and scrub away any lingering sand or seaweed with a nail brush or old tooth brush.Clean your rocks in warm soapy waterRocks and shells you gather from the water often don’t look the same once they’re dry. To keep that “wet look” that caught your eye outside, set your objects with ICE Resin and brush a coat of resin on top of them, like our Myrtle Beach Necklace.

I used Crystal Clay to set my first beach rock pendant.Beach rock & Crystal Clay jewelryHow have you used beach souvenirs in your jewelry?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen





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  • Lori Doyle

    My sister lives on the shore of Lake Ontario with a perfect beach for “sea glass” and smooth stones. It’s our favorite pastime. One of my favorites – wire wrapped cobalt sea glass marble with Kumihimo cord.

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