Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210As a beginning beader it’s hard to know exactly where to start. Choosing a project is overwhelming with all the different types of jewelry and tools and supplies available. If you’re feeling lost, today’s tip is to use our Get Started section!

Too many choices is a common cause of creative paralysis in a new beader. But in our Get Started section you only make 2 decisions before starting a project! Step 1 is to choose one of three types of jewelry and Step 2 is to choose a basic technique.getting started

getting started earringsAll the projects in the Get Started section are designed for novice beaders. Each one has links to the products and tools used, just like our Inspiration Projects. But what’s different is that the Get Started projects also explain what each tool and supply is used for before going into detailed steps. Because the instructions take you through the whole project from start to finish you never have to leave the page. Everything you need is right in one place!basic loopAfter you’ve tried a few of the Get Started projects, take your beading to the next level by exploring our Techniques and Inspiration Projects!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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  • Julia Heath

    SHOOT!! Too many choices is the cause of creative paralysis in experienced beaders!

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