Stringing 101 – Basics

mainThis week we are going back to basics celebrating all things stringing! Usually one of the first techniques a new beader learns, it’s a great place to start playing with beads and also a great technique to go back to again and again. To get you started, I’ve put together a short list of essentials to make sure you make sure you have everything you need on your beading table!
Beading Wire – Use either SoftFlex Beading Wire to string your project. Make sure you get the correct weight for the size of beads you are using.
Crimp Beads and Covers – A must! Make sure to follow these easy steps to finish off your piece with a crimp bead and hide it with a crimp bead cover!
Clasps – There is everything from basics to fancy to pick from to finish off your masterpiece.
Beads, of course! – The more the merrier here! Make sure you have plenty to design with. Mix up colors and patterns to find the right combination you are looking for!
Beading Board or Tape Measure – Bead Boards are a fabulous tool to keep your beads organized and to help you lay out your initial design before you start stringing on the beading wire. They also help to make sure you keep your beads corralled.
Triangle Scoop – I love these handy tools to help scoop up beads and keep them organized. Keep plenty around for you’ll find yourself using them everywhere!
Bead Stoppers – These are great to make sure your beads don’t fall off the wire or to keep your piece safe when you step away for a minute.
Crimping Pliers and Cutters – These tools are essential to finish off your piece.
Extras to spice it up!
Spacer Beads
Pendants or Focal Beads
More Beads!
You can always refer to our handy Bead Stringing FAQ for more tips and answers to your questions!
Here are a few easy projects to get you inspired and on the way to making your own amazing jewelry!

GA4632Mountain Top Bracelet

Fresh Bracelet

Turquoise Dream Necklace

Razzle Dazzle Bracelet

Because Of Blue Bracelet

Into The Woods Bracelet

Just A Hint Of Neon Necklace

Happy Stringing!





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