Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210It’s very common for a beader’s first wrapped cord bracelet to curve dramatically. Everything from tension to the shape of your beads to how you’re holding your project can contribute to this problematic curve. But you can use today’s trick to keep your next bracelet straight while you work!Curved wrapped cord braceletAll you need for this trick is one piece of painters tape! Painters or contractors tape is one of my favorite new beading supplies. In fact, I’ve found so many uses for it I’ve started keeping a roll with my jewelry tools! It doesn’t make your project, your tools, or your work surface sticky. And unlike a binder clip, it won’t crack or mar your beads or button, or even dent your cord. Once you pull it off it’s like it was never there at all!Straighten your bracelet with painters tapeStart your wrapped cord bracelet like normal, weaving 3 inches of beads to form a good base. Secure your project flat against your work surface with the painters tape. Orient yourself so your project is perpendicular to the center of your chest and stay in that position while you work. Adjust the tape as your project gets longer, moving it lower on your bracelet or adding more pieces of tape. I have the best stability when I work no further than 6 inches from the last piece of tape. If your bracelet still curves after you’ve taped it down you’re pulling it to one side as you weave instead of keeping straight.Straight wrapped cord braceletOnce you’ve mastered the basic wrapped cord bracelet you can move on to all sorts of variations. Check out the different kinds of wraps our designers have made in our Inspiration Gallery!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen





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