Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I haven’t mastered wire work, but I do love the new trend of adjustable bangles! These bracelets are perfect for those of us who don’t have standard size wrists. With the new 3D Bracelet Jig and today’s tip you’ll have a new stack of arm candy in no time!

For me, trying out a new tool means making mistakes. My first attempt at an adjustable bangle didn’t go smoothly and I had quite a few bumps and wiggles in my wire. I keep a pair of regular Nylon Jaw Pliers handy to fix my wire mistakes, but in this case the Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers were the perfect tool for the job – just look at that difference!

Use the Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers to Fix Your BangleTo shape your adjustable bangle, gently fit the curve of your wire into the curve of the pliers and apply even pressure with the jaws while drawing them around the bracelet. Release the wire to navigate around the adjustable loops and run every part of the bracelet 2-3 times through the jaws. By drawing the wire through the curved jaws you’ll smooth out bends and kinks without losing the curve of the bangle.

Check out our full technique and Beauty Blossom Bracelet to get started making your own adjustable bangles!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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