Find Beading Inspiration With Cross Stitch Patterns!

What’s your go-to source for new bead weaving patterns?

Chances are, if you’re like me, you probably said “books, magazines, and beading websites”. Recently, though, I came to a huge revelation while looking for Eastern European folk costumes online: cross stitch patterns are perfectly suited for square stitch and loom designs! I’m sure I’m not the first person to figure that out, but it completely blew my mind when it clicked!

I set out to search for Eastern European cross stitch patterns and found Semne Cusute (“Signs Sewn”), a Romanian blog that contains an absolute treasure trove of beautiful stitched motifs from many ethnographic regions in and around Romania. I spent hours poring through every single post and looking up the different regions, getting both design inspiration and learning new facts about my paternal family’s homeland. Finally, I picked a pattern at random to test out on Beader’s Canvas.

I chose a pattern featuring flowers stitched in the colors of the Romanian tri-color flag and decided to try plotting a flower out in square stitch to see what it looked like.

Romanian cross stitch pattern

Pattern courtesy of

Square stitch pattern

The graph was a little thinner than the cross stitch pattern, due to the dimensions of Delica seed beads not resulting in a perfect square, but I was still thrilled! I went searching for a larger pattern to convert next into a loom pattern.

Romanian cross stitch patterns

Pattern courtesy of

Loomed cross stitch pattern

I chose to keep the colors similar to the original pattern, but with Beader’s Canvas, you can peruse the color palette and change any hue to one of your choosing!

I also found a great source of inspiration via HaftiX, a Polish website featuring hundreds of great cross stitch patterns in a wide array of motifs!

Have you tried using cross stitch patterns or another craft source to create beadwoven designs?

Happy beading!



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