Celebrate 120 Years Of Swarovski With The Edelweiss Pendant!

Pre-Season_FW_2016_17.inddLike his father before him, Daniel Swarovski learned the trade of crystal cutting as a young man, and after discovering how to cut a crystal to sparkle like a gem, he setup a company in a small town in the Austrian mountains. Under the sign of the Edelweiss, he started producing what would become the most famous crystal in the world.

Ever since it was first established in 1895, tradition, purity and character have been deeply rooted in the DNA of Swarovski. The Edelweiss is the best-known flower of the Alps and has shared these great qualities; which is why the Alpine Edelweiss was Swarovski’s first corporate logo for almost a century. With Swarovski celebrating its 120th anniversary, what better way for them to pay tribute to the company’s rich cultural heritage than by presenting the beautiful, innovative new Swarovski Crystal Edelweiss cut? It symbolizes the importance of origin in an increasingly globalized world, as well as the beauty at the top of the highest mountains. The cut and sparkle from the new Swarovski Crystal Edelweiss is absolutely breathtaking.

GA5110-SZWe wanted to pay tribute to this amazing milestone as well by creating our own necklace design featuring the Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Crystal Edelweiss Pendant in 14mm and 18mm. We love how classic and effortless our Golden Edelweiss Necklace turned out.

What would you create with this exciting new Edelweiss pendant by Swarovski? You can share with us in the comments below.

Happy 120th anniversary Swarovski!

2 comments to Celebrate 120 Years Of Swarovski With The Edelweiss Pendant!

  • Most definitely, a beadwoven spiral necklace using Swarovski crystals to highlight and enrich the beauty of the pendant, matching earrings, of course!

  • Alika

    I would love to incorporate this into the fascinator that I’m creating for my sister’s wedding. The wedding style is vintage/eclectic and she requested that my husband learn the song Edelweiss from the Sound of Music to be played at her wedding. This would be so perfect!

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