DIY Expandable Bangle Bracelets!

Have you been eyeing those fun bangle bracelets that everyone is wearing this season? The amount you spend on these bracelets can really add up, especially if you’re wanting to accomplish the trendy stacked arm candy look. Now you can easily make your own expandable bangle bracelets using the exciting new 3D Bracelet Jig for a fraction of the cost! We make it easy with our step-by-step Making An Expandable Bangle Bracelet Technique.

Bangle MakerAll you’ll need to complete a simple expandable bangle bracelet is the 3D Bangle bracelet Jig and 16 gauge wire!

mainOnce finished, you’ll have a simple bangle that you can leave as-is or add beads, charms, cord and more to create a fun unique bracelet.

GA5058Take a look at how cute our Beauty Blossom Bracelet turned out using this technique, charms, beads and a tassel!


After trying this technique a few times I was really inspired to create more bangles showing off my own personal style. For my first bangle bracelet I used Silk Fairy Ribbon in sea foam and wrapped it around my bangle so it was completely covered. This added fun color and texture to my design. Knot and glue the ends of the ribbon to secure in place, add some fun charms and you’re done! It’s so easy and the end result is right on trend!


For my second bangle I got a little more creative in my design. I used our Covering a Bangle technique to add sections of my favorite 3mm fire polished beads in chartreuse. To add even more color, I wrapped sections of Superlon Bead Cord in orange, making sure I knotted and glued the ends to secure. Once that was done, I added a fun tassel using the Making a Tassel with the Tassel Maker Tool technique and 40-7mm gold jump rings around the bangle for movement.

I had so much fun designing these bangles and get tons of compliments on them. How would you design your own expandable bangle bracelet? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.

Happy Beading – Allie




3 comments to DIY Expandable Bangle Bracelets!

  • Gillian Wright

    Hi Allie thank you for this post, very useful info and inspiring design ideas. I think I’ll invest in one of these new gadgets and try it for myself. Love the blog keep up the good work!

  • Darlene Gabriel

    I love this expandable bracelet and have been looking at making my own for a couple of weeks now. My one concern (and this is what has held me back so far) is “Does it hold its shape with wear?” I would want to personalize them and sell them, but I’m worried about them getting bent and misshaped with wear.
    I’d appreciate hearing what you’ve experienced with this.
    Thanks so much.


    Hi Darlene!

    If you’re concerned about durability, we recommend using half hard 16 gauge wire for these bracelets. A half hard wire will hold its shape better over time than dead soft wire. You can also harden your finished bracelet by placing it on a mandrel or form (to help keep its shape) and gently tapping it with a rubber or nylon mallet.

    Happy beading!

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