Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I’ve already shared ways to use old charms, pendants, and bead mixes this April, but what about other supplies? I found plenty of findings while cleaning out my bead stash that I know won’t use up any time soon, especially eye pins and jump rings. If your stash is overflowing with findings, today’s trick will help you reinvent these supplies!

Stringing Jump Rings and Eye Pins

Instead of stringing beads on to my eye pins or making connections with my jump rings, I strung them! Using findings the way you would use beads or charms gives a whole new look to your designs. Strung eye pins create an instant fringe with lots of fun movement and strung jump rings make great, unexpected shapes.

Jump Ring and Eye Pin Jewelry

Do a little maintenance on your findings before stringing them. Straighten out any bent or curved pins with a pair of nylon jaw pliers. And make sure each jump ring and the loop of each eye pin is completely closed so they won’t slip off your stringing material. Keep in mind the openings in these findings are significantly larger than the hole in the average bead, so you’ll need even larger beads to act as stoppers. I used bicones to help fill the extra space in my findings and stabilize my finished designs.

Drop by next week for my final stash-busting tip of the month!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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