Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I’m finding new ways to use old supplies this April and my goal is to make more space in my craft room by reinventing and re-homing neglected supplies. Today’s tip is will show you how to use old bead mixes in a fresh way!

I found more than a few outdated mixes while going through my stash of seed beads. While I still like these blends of colors, shapes, and finishes, I wasn’t excited about making jewelry that used these beads randomly. Instead I got inspired by our Spiral of Color and Meadow Dreams Bracelet Inspiration Projects. Both of these bracelets use large sections of the same bead to create color blocks. Depending on how many coils you make your bracelet, you can use up a big bead mix in no time!

New way to use seed bead mixes

It’s easy to pick the color you want directly from the mix if the beads are distinctly different from each other. If the beads are very similar you may want to separate them into piles to make your stringing go faster. I like separating my beads with the corner of a triangle tool under a bright light. The light helps pick up differences between the beads and it’s easier to pull out specific beads with the sharp point of the triangle instead of your fingers.

Decide how large you want your sections of color to be. You can make your blocks all the same length to create a regular pattern or vary the lengths to add interest. It’s easy to test out an idea on memory wire without making a whole bracelet. Just string a coil or two of beads to see what your design looks like. If you want to try something else simply slide the beads back off and start over!

Memory Wire Bead Mix Bracelets

Check back next week to get more stash-busting ideas!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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