Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210We all drop beads and eventually every crafter will be in the middle of a project when the very last, very important bead is dropped. You can check out my past post to see how to use a vacuum and a pair of nylons to rescue stray beads. But what do you do when you know a bead or finding fell and you can’t see it? It’s extra hard to see my favorite silver beads and findings on the concrete floor around my desk, so I’ve started using today’s trick when hunting for stray supplies!

All you need for this trick is a bright, hand-held light. I keep a mini flashlight in my bag for all kinds of emergencies. This works on the same principal as using an Ottlite to highlight your work surface. A bright light makes it easier to see small objects, like your beads and findings.

Bead that you cannot see when they drop on the floor Use a flashlight to see beads on the floorTry angling the light parallel to the floor to catch extra-sneaky beads and findings instead of shining it straight down. Light bouncing off of a facet or metallic surface will let you know where your stray supplies have rolled. Since most jewelry supplies have some reflectivity, you’re likely to find all sorts of lost goodies if you shine a light on the floor under your beading station!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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