Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Whether on clothing or jewelry or even a purse, I love the motion of tassels and how they feel when you wear them. I especially love how quick they are to put together and that you can make them out of everything from thread and cotton cord to leather and chain. Today you can use my tip to dress up your next handmade tassels with bead cones!

I picked two colors of Pearl Cotton and followed our technique to make my tassel. Then I used our Multi-strand Piece with Cones technique to finish it off with one of my favorite bead cones and a wire wrapped loop.

check your tassel size in your coneTesting your tassel wraps inside the bead cone lets you know if you’re spot on or need to make adjustments to the thickness. My bundle of wraps was a little too large, so I undid a few and rechecked the size again. Then I finished making the tassel, tying it at the top, bundling it together, and trimming the ends. I bundled my tassel together very close to its top so the wraps would be covered by my cone.

get ready to put the cone on your tasselI followed the path of the 2 inch piece of thread I added in Step 6 of the tassel technique with a 3 inch piece of 22 gauge wire. I brought the wire through the top loops of the tassel, pulled it snug, and made a wire wrapped loop.

wire wrap the top of your tasselThen I threaded my cone on to the tail of the wire and fit it down snugly on top of the tassel. I made another wire wrapped loop at the top of the cone and voila – a trendy tassel necklace in no time at all!

easy tassel necklaceCheck out our Tassel Time Earrings for another quick tassel project!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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