Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Hammered and stamped jewelry is definitely on trend, but can be hard on your work surface, as well as your ears. I feel bad for my neighbors every time I have a stamping project and have ruined more than one desk by driving the corner of my bench block into the wood. Fortunately you can use today’s tip to have a better hammering experience!

Use a sand bag with your bench block

A hard, direct hammer strike can make your whole bench block jump, skewing your aim and even damaging your work surface. The simplest fix is to place a pad between your block and your surface. A good pad prevents slippage by gripping both your work surface and bench block. It also muffles the sound of your strikes and helps reduce the vibrations that can make hammering uncomfortable. You can try padding your block with thick fabric or rubber pads, but the best solution I’ve found is a sandbag! Leather sandbags have great grip and density, and are sturdy enough to last through years of projects.

What have you been hammering lately?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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  • Thank you for the helpful tip! Oh how I wish I had someone nearby to make these things with. I went to the big craft store in town and bought all the supplies to make things like this. Over $300 in supplies and now I am not sure how to get started. I have so many wonderful ideas and designs, but I am struggling as a newbie. ~ Paula

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