Bling Wrapped Hammered Ring By Becky Nunn!

Need a little bling on your finger? Check out this irresistible new ring design by Becky Nunn, the founder of Nunn Design! It’s so easy to dress up our gorgeous new Nunn Design hammered pewter rings with sparkling Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Chain! Follow our step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to make this stunning piece, or download the instruction pdf!

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Nunn Design Hammered Ring in sizes 6, 7 or 8
Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Chain
1 foot of 22-gauge wire


Cutting the Rhinestone Chain
image 1
Decide on the number of rhinestone “blings” you would like your ring to have. For this tutorial, I used 5 rhinestone cups of the 3mm Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone chain. Feel free to experiment with many different sizes of Rhinestone chain and various quantities of rhinestone cups. It is fun to have a variety of rings with each ring being different. Maybe it is time to embrace your inner bohemian (I know it can be a stretch for some of us!).

image 2
image 3
Rhinestone Chain is connected with retractable links. When cutting the chain, be sure to cut as close to the rhinestone cups as possible. Otherwise, you could leave a piece of the retractable metal that will slip in and out of the cup chain.

Wrapping the Rhinestone Chain to the Nunn Design Hammered Ring

image 4
The Nunn Design Hammered Rings are marked with the size on the inside of the ring shank. You will want to wire wrap your chain to the opposite side of the ring shank, allowing the mark to remain visible.

image 5
Now it is time to start wrapping your Rhinestone Chain to the Hammered Ring. It can feel a bit clumsy at first as the chain can slip this way and that way. The trickiest step is making that first loop with the wire to secure the chain into position on the ring. Create a loop with the wire, almost like you are going to tie a knot, but don’t. This will secure the chain onto the ring and make the wrapping easier. Between each of the rhinestone cups, wrap the 22-gauge wire around the Rhinestone Chain and the Hammered Ring three times. With each wrap, make sure to pull the wire tight. After the third wrap, move the wire to the next gap of rhinestone cups.

image 6
image 7
After wrapping the wire 3 times around the chain and ring, use your cutters to cut the excess wire from the beginning of your wrap. I like to have the wire lie right in the middle of the ring width so I can tuck it down between the cups and not have it snag on anything. Use your needle nose pliers to flatten the wire between the chain cups.

image 8
Continue to wire wrap your remaining bits of Rhinestone Chain. When you arrive at the end, you will repeat Step 5.

image 9
Here you go. Your Bling Wrapped Hammered Ring!

image 10
Continue the fun with other simple wrapped rings!
The more the better! Enjoy!

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