Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I wanted to make earrings this weekend to match our Amaru Muru Bracelet, but didn’t have my loom with me. Fortunately you can do square stitch with loom patterns! This trick is handy for when your loom isn’t around or when you’re making a smaller piece of weaving, like for a pendant or earrings, and don’t want to take the time to set up the loom and weave in the warp threads later. The reverse is also true, meaning you can switch from square stitch to beading on a loom if you have a large project and want to add multiple beads at a time.

Use loom pattern with square stitch

This trick works because the finished structure of beads is the same for both square stitch and beading on a loom. You stitch your beads into a grid pattern with both techniques, keeping them directly in line with each other, in consistent rows and columns. Even though you add one bead at a time in square stitch and a whole row at a time in loom work, the patterns for these projects are interchangeable!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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