March Color of the Month: Aquamarine!

The lead color for women for the Spring/Summer 2015 season, PANTONE 14-4313 Aquamarine is an airy blue with a dreamy feel. Cool and calming, ethereal Aquamarine is a shade with a wet and watery feel. Open and expansive, this restful blue also acts as a stress reducer.


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Colors that go well with aquamarine for spring 2015 are Glacier Gray and Marsala; Pantone’s color of the year!

pantone colorsWith its light airy feel, aquamarine is the perfect color or accent  to incorporate with your wedding decor and apparel this season. You’ll make a splash with subtle hints of this heavenly hue, or go big with aquamarine as your main focus. Either way, this color is absolutely stunning for a springtime wedding.

pantone wedding

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Somewhere between the color of the sky and the sea, this light and soft shade signals that people need a stress reducer in which they can wrap themselves up. “Whether you know it or not, when you are standing in front of your closet making choices about clothing, you often do so out of instinct, because it satisfies a need.” Eiseman said.

pantone fashion

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Aquamarine in your everyday wear should feel effortless and accessible. Easily paired with an endless amount of colors, you wont have a hard time staying on trend.

Aquamarine Sofa

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Aquamarine Sofa 2

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pantone decor

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Aquamarine has such an elegant feel when used in interior design. Just like your wardrobe, a little splash of aquamarine in an accent pillow or chair can go a long way and light up any room. There’s also no need to play it safe if you want a room filled with such a stunning color. It looks and feels so calming, and is a wonderful color to help you relax and escape from the day-to-day grind.

aquamarine makeup

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Aquamarine is my birthstone so I’ve always been drawn to it, and I definitely favor this gem for my own personal jewelry, but it’s still one of the most popular gemstones and looks amazing when set in a ring, in statement jewelry and much, much more! The possibilities are endless with such a universally loved color. You can browse our Pantone Spring 2015 Aquamarine Product Picks for a fun collection of product you can use to incorporate this color in to your own jewelry designs.

pantone aqua gem

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We have some amazing jewelry designs in our Inspiration Gallery that  use aquamarine. Any of them would be perfect for this seasons hot color trend! Some of my favorite pieces using this fresh hue are Dream a Little Dream Necklace, Highlights Necklace, Path to Atlantis Bracelet, Opal Stripes Bracelet, Perfectly Pastel Earrings and My Baby Blues Earrings!

pantone necklaceDream a Little Dream Necklace

nacklace 3Highlights Necklace

pantone braceletPath to Atlantis Bracelet

bracelet3Opal Stripes Bracelet

pantone earringsPerfectly Pastel Earrings

pantone earrings 2

My Baby Blues Earrings

Happy Beading – Allie


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