Swarovski Trend Forecast Spring/Summer 2016!

Swarovski’s newest Trend Forecast has arrived for Spring/Summer 2016: Between Heaven and Earth! This season focuses on the dual intertwined aspects of our desire for increased communication and our desire for a better future, and revels in the powerful communcation of symbols that express our ultimate goals: happiness, strength, hope, prosperity, and peace.

Classic Inspirations

Classic – The Blossoming of Happiness

In its direct reference to our natural wonders, this theme microscopically examines the blooming of plants and flowers, adding a life force all its own to sculpted designs. The design ethic remains simple, referencing tried-and-trusted classics; the twist is in the pattern and detail. New pastels hues combine with sparkling effects to refresh any classic design. Floral anatomy with all its details and unique shapes serves as design inspiration, while botanical features in microscopic detail create contemporary, modern forms.

Crystal Colors: Blush Rose, Burgundy Pearl, Denim Blue, Olivine, Pastel Rose StonesPastel Yellow Pearl

Progressive Inspirations

Progressive – The Nature of Strength

Evolving into a more subverted reference, the onus is on functional, practical material mixes combined with a sophisticated, luxurious approach in order to convey an entirely new design aesthetic. The use of movement in a sophisticated, updated format is key for crystals, materials, and design. Minimalist, geometric, and smooth shapes serve as easy-to-wear, everyday adornments. Pearls are revived with a contemporary approach, and matte surfaces are juxtaposed with translucent and opaque crystals.

Crystal Colors: Amethyst, Crystal Paradise Shine, Light Turquoise, Pastel Blue Pearl, Pastel Green Stones, Tahitian Pearl

Romantic Inspirations

Romantic – The Mythology of Hope

Eras are fused to create an entirely new direction that cannot be pinned down – modern and at the same time mythological, hinging on history and ancient archives. Playful tenderness becomes the new design ethic, with crystal embellishment in small and medium sizes. Light and airy elements create subtly shimmering surfaces with a feminine touch. With mythology and the cosmos as inspiration, jewelry is imbued with meaning and symbolism. Soft, ethereal colors evoke a serene mood.

Crystal Colors: Crystal Blue Shade, Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Crystal Silver Patina, Crystal Silver Shade, Dark Grey Pearl, Pastel Grey Pearl

Glamour Inspirations

Glamour – The Power of Belief

In a symbolic gesture of appeasement, designs focus on the inherent beauty found in sacred symbols and architecture across the globe. Inspiration is taken from diverse architecture, talismans, symbols, and sacred ceremonies to create one cohesive design element that references a world united. The brilliant deep hues of precious stones captured in radiant crystal recall magnificence and grandeur. Dramatic, bold, and opulent jewelry pieces are kept up-to-date with modern detailing, and a fusion of sacred cultural references serves as inspiration for patterns and forms.

Crystal Colors: Aquamarine, Capri Blue, Crystal Iridescent Green, Crystal Metallic Sunshine, Ruby, Sunflower

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