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I enjoy using leather in my crafts, but I always wind up with scrap pieces that seem too small to use. This week I was inspired by our Straight to the Point Earrings to make a fun new pendant using leftover flat leather!

Regaliz scrap

You’ll need your scrap leather, an adhesive, sharp scissors, and a bezel for this project. I chose a square Nunn Design pendant to make it easier to cut my scraps to the right size. Measure the inner diameter of your bezel to plan your pattern. I made a paper template of the inside of my bezel to help get my scraps the right size. You can do small squares, large strips, or abstract shapes – just make sure they fit snugly into your bezel!

Plan your Regaliz scrap design

Mark the cutting lings on the back of your leather scraps so that no marks will show in the final piece. Shape your leather pieces by making small cuts with very sharp scissors. Remember not to close the blades of your scissors completely on each cut – instead only close them halfway as you move along your cutting lines. This helps prevent jagged or crooked edges on your leather.

Put your leather pieces into the bezel to check the fit and then trim as needed to make sure the pieces are flush to each other and to the edges of the bezel. Coat the inside of bezel with a thin layer of glue, like E6000. Keep the adhesive to a minimum so it doesn’t seep out between the leather pieces. Once the adhesive dries you’ll have a mod mosaic pendant to wear!

Regaliz scrap pendant

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




2 comments to Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

  • renee m

    What a great idea! And I appreciate the tip about not closing scissors all the way. I’m looking forward to trying this idea out soon. Thanks for sharing!

  • Kat

    What a great idea for matching earrings to go with our leather neck pieces. My mind is already swimming with variations. Thanks!

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