Swarovski Spring/Summer 2016 Innovations Sneak Peek!

It’s finally time for us to reveal the upcoming Swarovski Spring/Summer 2016 Innovations! This new launch is full of stunning new colors and effects, and radiant new bead, pendant, and button shapes! Check out these upcoming additions below and prepare to be inspired!

Blush Rose

Blush Rose – New Color

A universal, feminine color, Blush Rose adds that fancy pink diamonds-touch to cutting edge designs. Soft, joyful and bright, it creates a modern and sophisticated classic look with a mellow touch.

Metallic Sunshine

Crystal Metallic Sunshine – New Effect

A sophisticated, ethereal yet radiant effect, Crystal Metallic Sunshine is the season’s most eye-catching hue. Discover its potential for both classic and glamorous styles. It is literally time to shine!

Pearls Pastel Effects

Pastel Pearls – New Pearl

With pastel being the “it” color of the season, Crystal Pastel Pearls are a fresh take on the ever continuing washed-out look and vintage trend. Subtly elegant and sweet, the Crystal Pastel Pearl palette includes five bright hues: Rose, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Grey.

Rivoli Square Button

Rivoli Square Button (art. 3009) – New Article

The Rivoli Square Crystal Button is a fresh take on the iconic Rivoli cut. Brilliantly faceted, this sparkling button is an immediate classic with its geometric texture and familiar, easy-to-incorporate shape.

Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut Bead (art. 5515) – New Article

The familiar, classic jewelry cut of the Emerald Cut Bead creates a stunningly opulent fine jewelry look by extra depth and brilliant interplay of light. Perfect as a center stone, standalone item, in statement pieces or opulent rows.

Love Bead

Love Bead (art. 5741) – New Article

The charming Love Bead gives jewelry designs a romantic touch, blending a feminine touch with a hint of nostalgia. A universal symbol that speaks to all cultures, hearts never go out of fashion.

Greek Cross

Greek Cross Pendant (art. 6867) – New Article

Linking modernism with traditional beliefs, the Greek Cross pendant is an ancient religious symbol with roots in ancient Hindu, Central Asian, Celtic and Mexican culture. Perfect for effortless chic or eclectic, easily wearable, and personalized pieces.


Buddha Pendant (art. 6871) – New Article

Chic looks and symbolic values combine in the Buddha Pendant, conveying Asian values of tranquility and stability. This unique pendant captivates with high-precision detailing that even reflects Buddha’s serene facial expression.

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