Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210Last week I shared a tip for designing on memory wire and this week I’m finishing my bracelets! I’ve finished a lot of my previous memory wire bracelets by turning a small loop at each end of the coil. These loops come in handy if you want to add charms to your bracelet, but are tough to make in hardened steel wire. Instead you can use today’s tips to finish your bracelets with memory wire end caps!

Attaching memory wire end caps to a braceletMemory wire end caps are half-drilled metal balls that fit on to the end of your memory wire, completely covering the tip. 5 Minute Epoxy is a great adhesive to use for this type of project, but you can use any glue that’s designed for bonding metal to metal. Leave yourself some room to work on first end of your memory wire. Remember you can always add more beads before you add the second end cap! Use a toothpick or a handy piece of scrap wire to make sure the adhesive gets all the way into the hole of the cap. Hold the cap in place on one end of your memory wire for a few minutes to help the glue set. Clean off any excess adhesive that squished out and then let your adhesive cure fully on the first side.

Before applying your second end cap, gently work your beads away from the unfinished end and add enough beads to fill in any extra space. Apply your second end cap the same way as the first and don’t forget to let the adhesive cure completely before wearing your fabulous new bracelet!

Finished bracelet with memory wire end capsHappy Tuesday! – Gretchen

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