My Favorite Bead Cap!

TierraCast has been making my favorite bead cap for as long as I can remember. Though it is only 3mm x 5mm, this tiny leaf bead cap makes a big design impact. The size does not restrict the beads I can combine it with. It can easily be added to a 6mm bead or a 14mm bead. And the little leaf pattern adds a feminine feel to each of your jewelry designs. Though it is made of pewter, it comes plated in several different finishes leaving the possibilities endless.

bead cap

Also, if you are in need of a bead cap that is just a little bit bigger, try the larger version of this cap. It is 4mm x 7.5mm.

Check out these cute Pretty Belle Earrings that use these caps.

Give these a try – I think you’ll find that they will quickly become a must have in your bead stash.

Sparkle! – Lindsay



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