Stacked Rhinestone Cup Chain Rings!

Rhinestone Rings

I am totally in love with the new Preciosa Czech Crystal Rhinestone Chain we just launched! As we worked on our inspiration using the new rhinestone cup chain, I noticed we had several little sections of chain left over, so I thought they would make cute ring embellishments!

step 1 1edited

First, I gathered the tools and supplies I would need to make the rings.

step 2 edited

To start, I cut approximately 6 inches of 18 gauge wire to make the ring base. I wrapped the wire around a ring mandrel at the size I wanted my rings to be. Then, I trimmed the wire ends, leaving about an inch where the wires overlap. I then took a plastic mallet and tapped the ring base to shape and work harden the wire.

Step 3edited

I had the base ready, and now it was time to add a little sparkle!

step 3 1 edited

I cut approximately 16 inches of 26 gauge wire and anchored it to the ring base by wrapping it around where the two base wires start to overlap.

Step 5 edited

Then, using the same length of wire, I wrapped a segment of cup chain 6 prongs long onto the ring base by wrapping the wire in between the crystals on the cup chain.

Step 6edited

I continued wrapping until I reached the last space on on the cup chain. To complete the ring, I wrapped the wire around the thicker overlapped wires of the ring base, matching the beginning wraps at the other end of the ring, and trimmed off the excess wire.  Then add a small drop of Hypo Tube Cement to the ends of the wire and let dry completely. This will help prevent the ends of the wires from snagging.

Once I started making these rings, I couldn’t stop myself  – they were so fast and easy to whip up! You can have your fingers full of stacked, sparkling rings before you know it!

Happy Beading! – Cody



14 comments to Stacked Rhinestone Cup Chain Rings!

  • Yocheved

    Ack! Why can’t I add this to my Pin board? I tried the button at the bottom of the tutorial, as well as my Pin app. :-(

  • Bozeman

    I can’t pin it either. I tried 4 different ways. Can this be pinned? Thanks.

  • Amy

    Great Tutorial !

    One question though… Does it have to be 18 gauge for the ring? Will 21 gauge work? I have a lot of 21 gauge but no 18, would like to use what I’ve got…

    Thanks !

  • Annie

    I love this idea and will try it but had a question: are the two ends of the cup chain (the crystals that don’t have chain on both sides) loose at all? Since they only have one side being secured down, I just wondered how wiggly they might be (and whether I should add any Hypocement there as well). Thanks! Cute idea!!

  • Ginette Proulx

    Très joli, merci, very nice thank you!

  • Diana

    What a wonderfully simple and brilliant way to use the odd bits!

  • Susan

    This project appeared on Ornamentea’s website some time ago with a video and they sold kits for it as well. Isn’t it unethical for you to publish it as though it is your own, especially because you sell the components and are competing directly with them?

  • Linda

    Susan – It doesn’t seem ethical to me either for anyone to “steal” ideas from someone else. I am very disappointed that Fusion Beads would stoop this low as to claim it as their own especially since Ornamenta created this design back in 2012. I have lost respect for Fusion Beads.

  • Susan White

    Get off your high horse. You have no idea whether Cody even saw Ornamentea’s presentation of this project. I’ve taken numerous classes & spent hours shopping in the store and I can’t believe they would take credit for an idea if someone else had it first. I’ve finished projects and looked at my scraps trying to figure out a creative idea to use them. Cody did just that and I believe she honestly posted it completely unaware of the previous publication.


    Hello Susan and Linda!

    As designers ourselves, we definitely understand how important the issue of copyright is to a creative individual. It’s never our intention to plagiarize the work of another designer, however there are strong similarities between Ornamentea’s Sparkle and Stack Wrapped Rings and the rings in this post. Because there are limited ways to assemble jewelry making supplies, it’s not uncommon for two designers to create similar work without ever having seen each other’s designs.

    Our Stacked Rhinestone Cup Chain Rings were based on our Sparkle Stack Rings and Neon Sparkle Bracelet Inspiration Projects, as well as the recent addition of Preciosa Czech Crystal Rhinestone Chain to our inventory. With so many rhinestone chain projects in development our designers have a lot of scraps lying around to play with!


    Hi Amy! You could try this project idea with 21 gauge, but, depending on the temper of the wire, it might be too flexible to keep its shape. Our designers have found that 20 or 18 gauge works best for these rings.

    Happy Beading! – Gretchen


    Hi Annie! The last crystals on these rings are surprisingly secure. A tight wire wrapping between each of the cups forces the chain to really conform to the curve of the ring. Even if you hold the ring upside down and shake it the cups don’t move around. :)

    Happy Beading! – Gretchen

  • Kitty

    Hi, I’m new to working with wire, could you tell me if the wire you used is half hard or full hard? Thank you! I love this ring idea!


    Hi Kitty! Cody used a half hard 18 gauge wire for her ring band and dead soft 26 gauge wire to wrap the rhinestone chain.
    Happy Beading! – Gretchen

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