Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


It’s hard to see around your leather hole punch to make sure you’re punching in the right place. And, unlike using a needle and thread, there’s no fixing a wrong punch in leather. You can use today’s trick to help you measure twice, punch once!

Chalking your leather hole punch

When I work with leather, I make my measurement and reference marks with tailor’s chalk. The chalk stays in place while you’re working, but is easy to rub off afterwards, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The first step is to thoroughly chalk the tip of the punch you’re about to use.

Chalked hole punch

Lightly squeeze your leather in the punch where you think you want your hole – not hard enough to cut – just enough to transfer the chalk. Your chalk mark will show you exactly where the hole will be. If it’s not in the right place all you have to do is wipe the chalk away and try again. If it’s in the right place, line up your punch with the chalk mark and squeeze away!

Chalk mark transferred from hole punch

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Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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