Tuesday Tips and Tricks!

tuesdaytipsandtricks-520x210I’m dressing up my gifts with something extra-special for the holidays and so can you with today’s tip!

For me, packaging small presents starts with a box. I always keep a stash of little boxes for jewelry, reusing ones from gifts I’ve been given or ordering our gift boxes if I run out. And with an endless variety of colors and textures of cord and ribbon to choose from you can dress up your boxes any way you want!  This year I’ve added a touch of sparkle to my silk string and ribbons by combining it with our Hemp Twine.

Tying up a gift is great, but if you add a charm to your package it becomes something more! By adding a Nunn Design charm on to each ribbon not only do I have pretty packaging, but I’ve also made a bonus gift. Once the box is unwrapped there are two presents – the gift inside and a simple necklace or wrap bracelet!

Add charms to your gift wrapping for an extra giftThe best part is that you can reuse wrapping like this year after year, whether it’s in your jewelry or to wrap future gifts!

Happy Holidays! – Gretchen


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  • For those who crochet, a long chain in a pretty color, with the ends knotted, makes a great “ribbon” and uses up lots of odds and ends of scrap yarn. Try it! The results also makes a nice hair tie….

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