Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


So far I’ve set seed beads, gemstones, and Swarovski Crystal stones in Crystal Clay, but this week I found way to use this clay with one of my favorite things – charms! Crystal Clay and a bezel can become the perfect frame for a favorite charm and you can use today’s tips to combine these supplies into fun new pendants and links!

The first step is to find a bezel that fits your charm. You’ll cut the loop off of the charm in the next step, so be sure to think about that as you look for the right bezel. My favorite bezels are made by Nunn Design and you can find the inner dimensions of most of these on our website.

Crystal Clay pendant and charm suppliesNext you’ll cut the loop off of your charm. Cutting something too hard or too thick with your nice cutters can dull or even break the blades, so I like to use my not-so-nice cutters for this step. Clipping the entire loop cut off on the first try is hard. Be prepared to trim off any remaining pieces of the loop with your cutters and file away the sharp edges.

Cut the loop off the charmNow it’s time to mix and add your Crystal Clay! Don’t fill the bezel completely if you want your charm to sit below or flush with the top of the bezel. I wanted my finished pendant to have a more three dimensional look, so I added enough clay to fill the bezel and then pressed the charm down into it. Make sure all of the edges of your charm are touching the clay to get a secure bond, applying firm and even pressure to keep the charm straight.

Place charm in Crystal ClayOnce my charm was in place I brushed Pearl Ex Powder over the surface of the clay. This adds a beautiful metallic sheen to the clay and gives the whole piece a polished look.

Apply Pearl Ex pigment to the Crystal ClayHow have you used Crystal Clay lately?

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen




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