Tuesday Tips and Tricks!


Snowflake forms are the quickest way I’ve found to whip up beaded ornaments in a hurry. The only hard part of using these pre-made wire forms is fitting your beads into the sharp angles at the center of the form. But you can use today’s tips to make a whole flurry of sparkling snowflakes!

Snowflake ornamentsThe key to building a perfect snowflake is using small or tapered beads at the center of the form, where there’s the least amount of space, and adding larger beads as you work outwards. Planning your design like this keeps your beads from crowding each other at the center and getting pushed out of place.

Our Frosted Flake Snowflake does this by starting at the center with tiny Fire Polished Round Glass Beads and working outwards with progressively larger Preciosa Czech Crystal Flower Beads.

frosted flakeAnd our Ice Storm Snowflake starts with Round Japanese Seed Beads before transitioning into Bead Frames by TierraCast®. It uses two different sizes of bead frame too, alternating large and small frames on the spokes to make sure there’s no crowding.

ice stormOur Yuletide Cheer and Holly Berries Snowflakes both use small beads at their center, followed by tapered beads with their narrow ends facing inwards.


holly berriesYou can use larger beads at the center of your snowflake, if you alternate their spacing on the form. Push your beads into the center on the first, third, and fifth spoke of the form. Then add a bead to the second, fourth, and sixth spoke, letting them rest on the first beads you added.

Snowflake ornament large beadsCheck out all of our fun Snowflake Ornaments and get inspired for the holidays!

Happy Tuesday! – Gretchen


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  • I find bugle beads in the center make a lovely start. And do be careful where you buy the forms; I’ve had several cheapies break off while I was beading, even being gentle.

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